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All you dark ones playing the angel

~ I know well what lies beyond my sleeping refuge ~

I like poetry and writing poems. And to have time to hang out with friends. I'm not a party goer, I enjoy talks from heart to heart and the meeting of souls. But don't worry, I love to laugh, too. ;-)

I´m totally into music. It´s not that I´m always listening to the radio (I hate that random music), I´m rather using it to express myself, to cope with things etc. Music is a power of its own, a great gift. I love to sing and I play the guitar. I like almost every kind of music except Techno and Jazz. Of course I have my favourites...

I loved reading books until I discovered the internet. I can spend hours clicking my way through webpages and getting to know people. Oh, yes, people are my hobby as well.

I love making wallpapers. Because I can stare at the object of beauty while I'm at it, yes, but also because I get to be creative. And that just feels so good- to accoplish something. To bring into existance what hadn't been there before.

And what is important also: I believe in Jesus. Which is strange because of some contents of my journal, but... I believe in his grace.

And concerning this LJ: I use it for fangirling mostly. It started out with Heroes, and yes, Peter Petrelli is so much more than a just a character from TV for me. (Yes, I know about the implied loss of reality and its dangers and do not care, thank you.) Because the show was cancelled and most people moved over to Supernatural, I gave it a try (I really didn´t like it much at first!), and I discovered how similar Dean is to Peter in many ways, and he is also damned good-looking, so... yeah. SPN-fandom, please welcome your new member. But I have a real life that contains quite a lot of people and is therefore quite demanding (and fulfilling), so if I neglect my f-list sometimes, please don´t be offended. I enjoy being here, but sometimes I wish my day had more hours. :-)

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